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Cassini stands at the forefront of pioneering smart and highly accurate corneal diagnostic solutions. Our technologies are not just advanced; they are affordable, fast, and user-friendly.


"Iris registration technology with the femtosecond laser has made highly accurate automated cyclotorsion compensation possible. The iris registration maneuver allows for precise alignment of arcuate keratotomy incisions on the intended meridian, thereby significantly improving the predictability of the procedure.14"

Denise M. Visco, MD, MBA

Eyes of York, PA, USA 

"Cassini Ambient technology is historic and a better alternative for toric IOL planning. It paves the way for surgeons hesitant to implant premium lenses."

Douglas Koch, MD

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

"We've tripled our toric lens volume since integrating the Cassini Ambient with our FLACS lasers. This technology gives us the ability to confidently recommend astigmatism management as part of the cataract procedure, and helps reduce transcription errors and increase accuracy and precision."

Wendell J. Scott, MD 

Mercy Clinic Eye Specialists, Springfield, MO, USA

"The Cassini Surgical Planner is operated with few steps, easy to use, streamlined and accessible from anywhere."

Trey Bishop, MD

Bishop Eye Center, SC, USA

"Cassini Connect registration is super-fast which ensures seamless workflow with no disruptions. The transition from planner to the operating room is unbelievably simple and time-saving!"

Dee Stephenson, MD

Stephenson Eye Associates, Venice FL, USA

"The correlation of intraoperative aberrometry and preoperative information gathered by the Cassini Ambient, for the accurate placement of toric lenses, gives me a lot of comfort and confidence."

William Wiley, MD

Cleveland Eye Clinic, Ohio, USA


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