Beyeonics One™

Beyeonics One™* is the first ophthalmic exoscope with augmented reality surgical headset. Meticulously developed for ophthalmic surgeons — Beyeonics One™ is designed to deliver enhanced visualization, on demand consolidatedpre-operative information and AI driven data, all of which are naturallyaccessible and controlled by an immersive augmented reality surgical headset.

Beyeonics one workstation

Beyeonics One™

The exoscope is a high definition fully digital imaging platform enabling surgeons to see a magnified, three dimensional (3D) image of the surgical field.

Inspired by pilots’ head control units, the Beyeonics One™ ophthalmic exoscope leverages advanced technologies developed by a leading global aviation corporation and applies it to innovate the ophthalmic domain.

Connecting the Cassini Ambient to the Beyeonics One™ will deliver world-class imaging and corneal measurements to generate guidance and enhance surgical experience and outcomes.


"I’m a technofile who sees huge value in efficiency. The collaboration with the Cassini Ambient and Beyeonics One™ allows me to generate guidance and enhance my outcomes. It’s been a wonderful opportunity."

Jonathan Solomon, MD

Solomon Eye Associates, Bowie, MD, USA

Beyeonics One™*

*Beyeonics One™ and Cassini Ambient connectivity is commercially available in the United States.