Gold standard diagnostics for cataract surgery with the Cassini Ambient as the front-end preoperative device identifying all relevant corneal measurements and registration data.

Multi-purpose diagnostics

The Cassini Ambient assesses ocular surface stability, measures the posterior cornea, and detects corneal irregularities with LED topography.



  • Ambient illumination for ultimate patient comfort

  • Seamless imaging for FLACS connectivity

  • Instantaneous capturing of all measurements on visual axis



  • Automated transfer of patient data, corneal information and iris imaging

  • Integrated ocular surface visualization



  • Reliable results with trusted Total Corneal Astigmatism LED topography

  • Individual posterior corneal astigmatism measurements

  • Accurate astigmatism correction with precise toric axis alignment

Axis repeatability graph

Cassini ambient technology

Total Corneal Astigmatism is measured by raytracing through the individual input of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces.

Cornea close-up graphic


Up to 700 ambient LED points measure the anterior and posterior cornea directly


Instantaneous image acquisition reduces the need to compensate for eye movement artifacts


Not measuring the posterior corneal astigmatism could result in incorrect estimation of total corneal astigmatism, hindering toric IOL selection through overcorrection in with-the-rule astigmatism and under correction in against-the-rule astigmatism 4


Nomograms & formulas are useful for IOL calculations, but may yield limitations in challenging and irregular corneas To improve the accuracy and personalize the measurements, the direct evaluation of the posterior corneal surface will provide valuable insights 5


Point reflection keratometric data is trusted by cataract surgeons for planning and managing astigmatism


Cassini Ambient

In this video we explore the technology behind the Cassini Ambient. This is how we, as innovative and progressive thought-leaders – in collaboration with vision-care partners – strive to empower surgeons with the speed, efficiency, and accuracy needed to make confident decisions for optimal outcomes.

ocular surface evaluation

Ocular surface disease (OSD) can have a significant impact on your cataract outcomes. Cassini Ambient provides an incorporated objective screening tool to quickly identify ocular surface health. This unique feature visualizes ocular surface behavior in real-time and is easily understood by patients for successful treatment completion.

Screening application:

Case example of pre-DED treatment

Screening application:

Case example of post-DED treatment

Real-time visualization

Ocular Surface Visualization

"We must actively examine cataract surgery candidates for OSD and begin treatment before biometry and surgery. This practice will lead to more accurate IOL power calculations with better outcomes and less residual refractive error." 6

the clinical need

To manage astigmatism


Cataract patients with clinically significant astigmatism (>0,5D) 7



Undertreated astigmatic and cataract patients
9% treated with toric IOLS and
10% treated with LRI or AI 8, 9, 10



Cataract patients interested in a spectacle-free solution 11



Undertreated cataract patients interested in premium cataract surgery12



"Cassini is a game-changer, it’s a reliable and great brand that has done amazing things for my practice."

Denise M. Visco, MD, MBA

Eyes of York, PA, USA
President, American College of Eye Surgeons

"Cassini is a better alternative for toric IOL planning and, as such, stands to pave the way for surgeons who have been hesitant to implant these premium lenses."

Douglas Koch, MD

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

"Superior in central corneal measurement to Placido and Scheimpflug in case of high irregularity."

A. John Kanellopoulos, MD

Laservision Eye Institute, Athens, Greece
New York University Medical School, New York, USA

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