FLACS Integration

State of the art Cassini preoperative iris imaging and astigmatism diagnostics are used to automatically compensate for ocular cyclotorsion, head tilt and movement that might occur during docking – allowing for increased accuracy in the placement of arcuate incisions and identification marks for toric IOL alignment.

Automatic connectivity will reduce manual transcription errors, procedure time and costs.

Diagnostics for advanced
astigmatism management

Cataract surgeons will benefit from Cassini’s in-office diagnostics, uniquely developed for premium cataract surgery.



  • Cassini encrypted connectivity

  • Reduced manual marking

  • Automatic cyclotorsion compensation



  • Minimized manual transcription errors

  • Easy-to-use application

  • Reduced procedure time and costs



  • Refined guidance for arcuate incision placement

  • Improved accuracy with Total Corneal Astigmatism

  • Pinpoint axis direction for toric IOL alignment


"Astigmatism management was previously an unmet need, due to the cataract surgeons’ discomfort with the tools and techniques available to us to deliver what we’ve promised to our patients. The Cassini Ambient integration with the CATALYS cOS 6.0 gives us the ability to confidently recommend astigmatism management as part of the cataract procedure, powered by this technology that helps reduce transcription errors and increase accuracy and precision."

Wendell J. Scott, MD

Mercy Clinic Eye Specialists, Springfield MO, USA

"The accuracy and precision of the Cassini Ambient is truly impressive. The seamless connectivity and registration with my CATALYS instills great confidence."

Trey Bishop, MD

Bishop Eye Center, SC, USA

"The Cassini’s precise LED-reflection based anterior and posterior k’s, seamless pre-op data and patient information integration with my CATALYS, and accurate iris registration all lead to superior outcomes."

Tal Raviv, MD, FACS

Eye Center of New York, NY, USA

"I no longer spend any time on manually marking nor having to rely on guesswork around accurate incision placement and toric axis alignment. Cassini saves me so much time!"

Carl J. May, MD

The May Eye Center, PA, USA

"Cassini is at the forefront of modern eye care. It’s a first-of-its-kind device designed to measure Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA) – I find this to be critical information for me to confidently plan and perform my procedures."

Omar F. Almallah, MD, FACS, FABES

Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates, NJ, USA

"My Toric lens volume is up 25% with Cassini Ambient."

Eric Donnenfeld, MD


"We pulled our numbers from the ASC and I have a 40% increase in my Toric lens volume. This is due to the ease and accuracy of the Cassini Ambient and CATALYS integration."

Jared Younger, MD

Orange Coast Eye Center, CA, USA

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"Iris registration technology with the femtosecond laser has made highly accurate automated cyclotorsion compensation possible. The iris registration maneuver allows for precise alignment of arcuate keratotomy incisions on the intended meridian, thereby significantly improving the predictability of the procedure.14"

Denise M. Visco, MD, MBA

Eyes of York, PA, USA
President, American College of Eye Surgeons

"The patient comfort, HD imaging and seamless connectivity to my FLACS & EMR platforms are impressive. This novel technology has proven to be reliable in managing astigmatism during cataract surgery."

Robert J. Weinstock, MD

The Weinstock Laser Eye Center, Largo FL, USA

"The Cassini Ambient gives me all the confidence I need! It’s easy to use and provides me with invaluable diagnostic information of the total cornea, ocular surface and HD pre-op iris images which I use for precise toric axis alignment and arcuate incision (AI) placements on my LENSAR®"

William B. Trattler, MD

Centre For Excellence In Eye Care, FL, USA 

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